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Watch For These Cleaning Scams to Avoid Being Ripped Off

Cleaning is a competitive industry as there are so many companies, and so many cleaning methods and misinformation. Choosing the right one certainly isn’t easy. To make matters worse, some companies are ripping people off! In fact, a lot of them are downright unethical.

They are not properly trained to offer highly detailed and specialized cleaning services such as what is required in a builders clean, a lot are just trained in high pressure sales.

The information below are some pointers that we would like to provide you with so that you can make an informed and educated decision:

Choosing a company solely by price does not work. The truth is, as the old saying goes, you  get what you pay for. If you call the cheapest company you can find, you subject yourself to uneducated, uninformed, and sometimes down-right unscrupulous cleaners.

Nobody goes into business to lose money, so it only makes sense that the cheapest company has to cut corners by using cheap cleaning agents, cheap cleaning equipment, cheap untrained staff without any insurance while spending as little time as possible cleaning your site.

To save a little bit of money, many builders will either do the cleaning themselves or get their laborers to do it only to regret it later when the homeowner comes in for the final inspection and are shocked to see that every surface of their home has scratches on it left over by the shoddy cleaning process. After all these years, it still amazes me how some builders can spend a whole year building an immaculate looking home for their client only to ruin their reputation at the end by trying to save some money on cleaners.

Rip Off #1 – Unbelievably Low Price and Underquoting

There has been a trend in the last few years with many builders cleaning companies under quoting jobs (sometimes 30%-50% lower) just to lure the customer in. You only find out on the day (when it’s too late to get anyone else) that  the price quoted doesn’t include the cleaning of many items which is usually should be considered as standard. One common item which these shoddy companies leave out are the external windows and skylights.

It’s the same as purchasing a car only to find out the tyres are not included.

Simpo cleaning always quote you for the ENTIRE job and itemise every item so YOU can make the decision on whether you’d like anything left out to reduce costs.


Rip Off #2 – Time Cheating

This is a very common occurrence among many cleaning companies.

Here is the way it is done: To start with, they tell the customer that they’ll send in a team of cleaners and charge a cheap hourly rate of $50 per person per hour for 10 hours. So say they send 6 people, that’s $300 per hour which equates to a total of $3000 ($300 x 10 hrs), 6 cleaners show up in the morning and 2 will sneak off shortly after (probably to attend another job) so the customer ends up paying for 60hrs of cleaning when in fact he only got 40hrs.

Simpo Cleaning has been in business for over 20 years and this is because we quote fairly and over deliver in terms of the quality of our services.


Rip Off #3 – Domestic Cleaners Who Have No Idea

Due to the construction boom, there has been a lot of domestic cleaners and subcontractors who have moved into cleaning on construction sites. The problem is that many of them don’t have any idea what they are doing. The process and chemicals used for cleaning on a building site is much more detail orientated than a simple domestic or office clean.

In fact, I’ve spoken to many who don’t even know that a white card is necessary when working on sites. Also, Companies which don’t specialize in cleaning on construction sites most likely wouldn’t have the level of insurance required if an accident were to happen onsite.

In addition, the construction materials used in the building industry has been changing rapidly over the last few years (eg. the use of toughened glass) and therefore, cleaning methods have had to evolve as well. By not hiring professionals which specialize in cleaning for builders, you run the risk of causing excessive damage to which end up costing you more money and time to fix.


Rip Off #4 – Using Harsh Chemicals


Like most things in this world, you get what you pay for. Many cheaper companies cut corners by using harsh chemicals like hydrochloric acid to get the job done.

This saves money since the chemicals can usually be purchased off the shelf at places like bunnings for a fraction of the price compared to more specialised chemicals. In addition, they also get the job done quicker which means they also save on labor costs.

It may sound like a good thing but the problem is that anything which is harsh enough to remove construction debris like mortar so easily is also likely to damage waterproof seals and paintwork. Unfortunately, the homeowner usually doesn’t notice until months later and by then it’s too late.

We recently attended a job where a home owner had to get his entire bathroom redone because all the tiles and waterproof seals were damaged by the cleaners.

Don’t take the risk!

Simpo is a builders cleaning company in Sydney with over 20 years experience and we’ve been working closely with builders for many years. We only use the highest quality chemicals which are strong enough to get the job done to a high standard but gentle enough to not cause any damage.



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