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Clean Your Windows Like a Pro – Tutorial

Our cleaning business started over 20 years ago with my father, who back then armed with just his squeegee, bucket and a train ticket would do window cleaning in Sydney. In fact, many of the clients have become good friends and are still with us today.

As a second generation professional window washer, I take pride in being able to get my customers windows looking flawless, after all, nothing else brightens up your home more than having clean windows.

Today, against my father’s wishes, I am going to tell you exactly how you too can get your windows sparkling clean just like the pros –

Equipment Required –

  • Cobweb Brush or Broom
  • Window Washer (T-Bar with microfibre sleeve)
  • Squeegee
  • Scraper
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Clean Cloth or Rag
  • Bucket
  • Window Cleaning Solution or Dishwashing soap
  • Large towel or drop sheets
  • Window Scraper
  • Four Zero Steel Wool (can be purchased from Bunnings)

How to do it –

  1. Start by using your cobweb brush or broom to remove any cobwebs, dirt and dust particles stuck to the window frame.
  2. Fill your bucket around half way with water and some of the dish soap (a couple squirts will do it) and give it a quick swirl using your window washer to mix it up.
  3. Dip your T-bar into the solution and remove the excess before applying onto the glass.
  4. Run your hands over the glass and feel for any imperfections (bug spots and dirt) and remove these using your scraper or four zero steel wool.  WARNING: Always make sure you only scrape in a forward motion on wet glass to avoid scratching and never use a scraper on Low E Glass – Click here for Instructions for Cleaning Low E
  5. It’s now time to squeegee the windows, you can go side to side or from top to bottom. The trick to getting streak free glass is to wipe your squeegee dry using a clean cloth after each pass and ensure your squeegee is held against the glass with constant firm pressure at 45 degree angle. You can also do the snake which is an advanced squeegeeing method used by professionals to save time.
  6. Use your cotton cloth or rag to wipe down the edges and frames of the windows. Take extra care to ensure the frames are dry as any water left behind can end up running down onto the glass
  7. Look at the glass at different angles to make sure it’s perfectly clean and use the micro-fibre cloth to clear up any imperfections

Additional Tips –

  • Try not to wash windows on very hot sunny days since it causes the cleaning solution to dry too fast which makes your job more difficult and causes the windows to haze up if you don’t work fast enough.
  • Don’t wear any jewellery or watches while washing your windows to prevent yourself from accidently scratching them.
  • Wash your windows a minimum of 4 times a year if you live near the water or beach since sand particles and salt will slowly corrode your windows when left on for long periods of time

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