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We Recently Performed a Spring Clean for the Chatswood office cleaning chatswoodCouncil Building

Location: Willoughby Council Building located at 31 Victor St, Chatswood NSW 2067

Details of Cleaning –

Located in the heart of Chatswood CBD directly across from Westfields, the building has 40 levels and consisting of residential / serviced apartments and offices.

Simpo was contracted to provide a full detailed cleaning of the foyer, a section of the underground carpark and level 4 of the building where Willoughby City Council currently is currently stationed.

The council currently has another cleaning company contracted to provide the daily office cleaning services.

The client wanted us to give special attention to the following areas-

Cornices along the wall was discoloured with a black build up on them. Also, floors in the common area was always sticky and made a sound when walked on.

This would have been caused by the daily cleaners using traditional string mops and could easily be prevented by using a microfibre flat mop.

Sticky floors were likely caused by cleaners using the wrong cleaning solution during mopping (disinfectants are usually the culprit).

Scope of Work included but was not limited to –

  • Deep cleaning and polished all floors in common area and foyer
  • Cleaned all glass frames and doors
  • Removed stains from Kitchen tables & Chairs
  • Steam Cleaned Carpets throughout
  • Dusted all light fittings
  • Spot Cleaned Walls
  • Deep Cleaning of Bathrooms including floors, tapware, wash basins and mirrors
  • Removed food build up and cleaned Microwave and Dishwasher
  • Dusted and cleaned all joinery and cupboards
  • Cleaned all Tables and dusted chairs in Office
  • Office waste in Storeroom was sorted and recycled where possible

Conclusion – The client was very happy with the result and gave us the following testomonial –

“This is the cleanest the office has been since the 5 years I’ve been here. I’ll let you know once the contracts are up with our daily office cleaners as I’m definitely going to push to get your team in after the great job you have done here” Christen

We also provided them with a list of recommendations and a daily cleaning schedule to give to their current office cleaners in order to help them prevent issues in future.

For the Best Office Cleaning Chatswood has to Offer, Simpo cleaning has been providing commercial cleaning services for over 20 years, give us a call today if you are looking for an office cleaning solution that delivers results.




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