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Acid Cleaning for Bricks & Pavers

For over 22 years, we have performed acid cleaning for homes in Sydney (North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs) for 22 years. Acid cleaning is an ideal way to remove certain types of discoloration. This type of cleaning is can be used to remove tarnished stains from metals, concrete and bricks among other things. To understand the process of acid cleaning it is first good to know what it is.


The exact methods of acid cleaning will vary depending on the type of cleaning needed and the situation in which acid cleaning is being called for. Acid cleaning is the process of using certain types of acids in a concentrated solution in order to clean certain items that are normally difficult to clean. The process of acid cleaning will depend on the type of acid being used and the reason for the treatment or situation involved. For example you may only have the need for mild acid cleaning. In a situation like this an acetic or citric acid might be used.

These types of acids are ideal for cleaning households and are an ideal solution for treating hard water spots in the bathrooms. These types of acid cleaners are also ideal for cleaning other materials such as porcelain and removing rust stains from some metals.

There are also stronger acid cleaning products as well. These are used when the stains are resistant to the more gentle acid cleaning process. These types of acids may include: sulfuric acid, sodium bisulfate, muriatic acid, phosphoric and many others. There are situations which may call for using a combination of these acids. These types of treatments are ideal for cleaning concrete, and brick. If there are tough stains in the toilet bowl these are also good treatment solutions for challenging stains in the toilet.

Certain types of acids which can be used on windows during builders cleans (concrete stuck on windows).

The staff at Simpo cleaning are trained cleaning professionals and would be the ideal company to contact if you find that your acid cleaning job may require a stronger acid such as the types mentioned above. These types of acids need to be applied carefully and the body needs to be covered correctly to avoid possible injury during cleaning.

In some cases wearing a mask will also be a good idea. The process of acid cleaning can start off as a simple cleaning solution and can grow to a more challenging one as well. If you choose to hire a professional you can rest easy knowing that the job will be completed right the first time around.