Sydney’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Specialists

We service all suburbs within the Sydney area and will do tile and grout cleaning, stripping and sealing.

Our cleaning technicians rejuvenate your tiles using the most advanced tile cleaning equipment and highest quality detergents and sealers.

Why Have Your Tiles Professionally Cleaned

Regular mopping isn’t sufficient and won’t keep your tiles in the best possible condition.

In most cases, all you are doing is pushing dirt and bacteria into the grout lines and pores of the tile.

Over time, these contaminants eat through the sealants causing irreversible damage and costly repairs.

Our state of the art tile cleaning process will keep your floor in pristine condition.

Modern vs Traditional Tile Cleaning

Traditionally, tile and grout was cleaned by hand using brushes and chemicals such as bleach.

The task took a long time and was not very effective as the brushes couldn’t get into the pores of the tiles and grout where mold and bacteria thrive.

Over time, cleaning companies started using auto-scrubbing machines which cut out the manual labor and did a better job removing mold and bacteria on the surface of the tile.

Both methods above are still commonly used by the majority of cleaning companies in Sydney.

Sadly, these methods do little in terms of getting deep into the pores of the tiles which is required for a long lasting result.

Simpo Cleaning uses equipment which combines adjustable levels of heat, high pressure and vacuum. This technology allows us to clean tiles in a way which was not previously possible with traditional methods.

What Types of Tile Can You Clean

By making adjustments to the pressure, detergent and heat, we can adapt our cleaning process to suit all types of tiled flooring including ceramic, encaustic, travertine, porcelain, natural stone, marble and many more.

We’ll clean your –

  • Bathrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Pool Tiles
  • Many More

Should I Get My Tiles Sealed

This will depend on the type of tiles you have.

Most ceramic and porcelain tiles will not need sealing as they naturally repel most types of staining and will look good as new after a professional clean.

However, Porous tiles like marble, granite, encaustic etc should be sealed to protect them from staining and keep them looking good for years to come.

Additionally, all cement based grout should be sealed since it’s porous nature means it can quickly stain and discolor.

Ask about our special  grout color sealing service to rejuvenate your grout lines to breathe new life into your floor and wall tiles!

The above services can be combined with our regular domestic cleaning service to transform your entire house from top to bottom.

Areas We Service

We service all Sydney suburbs and have existing clients in the suburbs of Mosman, North Sydney, Bondi, Clovelly, Bella Vista, Chatswood and many more.

Simpo Cleaning Tile & Grout cleaning specialists provide you with the best solution to rejuvenate your walls and floors. Contact Us today for a free quote.