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Professional Disinfection - Kill 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses

Simpo Cleaning provides a disinfection service in Sydney for homes and businesses. Our deep cleaning professionals use disinfectant for both commercial and residential properties (including hospitals, shops, cafes etc.)

Our disinfection specialists are well-equipped with highly efficient equipment and disinfectants that do not leave behind pungent fumes and won’t harm electronic equipment.

Covid Disinfection Service


Our powerful disinfection service kills and prevents viruses like COVID-19 from spreading. To target and disinfect all areas of your home, office, and workplace, our professionals use an electrostatic sprayer which disperses fine micron particles that target all surfaces such as floors, walls, structures, vents, and other areas which are not easily accessible.

The disinfectant’s powerful virucidal properties kill viruses and germs in seconds, but it’s also a safe solution for humans and pets since it’s contains ingredients which decompose naturally, making it eco-friendly and safe for your staff and family.

We can disinfect small to large areas quickly and with little downtime, allowing you to quickly re-enter the premises. The methods we use are also fully safe around electronic equipment such as computers, TV’s etc.

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Yes, we provide a certificate on completion which can be provided to the NSW Department of Health as evidence a professional deep clean has been completed for the premises

We follow the same process recommended by NSW Health and Safework NSW. The process involves identifying and disinfecting all high touch points such as light switches, desk, door handles and countertops manually before using an electrostatic sprayer to provide full coverage and allow the disinfectant to get into the areas not easily accessible by hand.

Our approved disinfectants require 15 minutes dwell time to work. So on completion of your service, you will be able to access the premises again after 30-45mins

On most occasions, our team will be able to do the disinfection service on the same day or next day.