Commercial Cleaning VS Domestic Cleaning

We naturally think that commercial cleaners are more capable than domestic cleaners when it comes to choosing a cleaning business.
Many people wonder whether it is better to engage a commercial cleaning company rather than a residential one to clean their homes.
Generally speaking, domestic cleaning techniques are suited for residential homes, houses, and apartments, whereas commercial cleaning is designed for large business structures and public spaces.
Let’s take a look at both commercial and domestic cleaning to discover which one is right for you.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

A commercial cleaner is a person or firm that is hired by a business or corporation to clean commercial facilities such as offices, shops, factories, bars, and restaurants and have the skills and cleaning equipment to deal with mess which aren’t generally found in a domestic home.

Commercial cleaning is a broad industry and most commercial cleaners will specialise in cleaning certain types of facilities, This is because the cleaning methods and standards are different depending on the type of facility which needs to be cleaned. For example, the cleaning equipment and cleaning process for a medical research lab will be completely different from a commercial kitchen.

Commercial Cleaning Tasks

  • Use disinfectants to mop hard floors
  • Dusting desks, tables, chairs, and other furniture
  • Sanitize and wipe all the surfaces of desks, tables, chairs, and other furniture
  • Vacuum carpets and hard floors
  • Replace liners and empty waste bins
  • Collect all papers, bottles, garbage, etc. from the front entrance
  • Clean all interior glass doors
  • Wipe marks and fingerprints from light switches and door frames
  • Spot clean walls and painted surfaces
  • Make sure that all places are neatly arranged and cleaned
  • Ensure floors are stripped and sealed
  • Use an autoscrubber to polish and clean floors
  • Spot clean automatic glass doors
  • Stripping and sealing floors
  • Ensure brass and bright work on doors and cabinets are polished

What is Domestic Cleaning

Cleaning for residential houses and properties is referred to as domestic cleaning. As a result, residential cleaning often covers a lesser area than commercial cleaning.A house cleaning service would most likely be arranged by the person wishing to clean their house or property and would be provided by a local cleaning company, an individual or cleaning agency. Domestic cleaning is usually less formal arrangement that might be weekly, monthly, or as needed. 

Domestic Cleaning Tasks

  • Change bed linen and sheets
  • Wash, sterilize, and shine tubs and showers
  • Wash and sterilize toilets
  • Wash and sterilize switch plates and door knobs
  • Ensure mirrors have been cleaned and dusted
  • Lock ledges, window sills, and dust blinds
  • Mop and vacuum floors
  • Dust surfaces
  • Shine fixtures
  • Wash, sterilize and shine the exterior surfaces of kitchen appliances
  • Wash and sterilize the interior and exterior of your microwave
  • Wash and sterilize the sink
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