10 Essential Cleaning Tools For Every Home

10 Essential Cleaning Tools For Every Home Every home requires essential cleaning tools to help residents stay on top of their cleaning. If you dislike cleaning, we have the tools to make it easier. From vacuum cleaners and mops to microfiber towels, our list of must-have home tools will allow you to get more done […]

How to Clean Your Kitchen

Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Guide Given the size of the average kitchen, it’s a good idea to divide cleaning tasks into sections so that you can clean one spot or area at a time. It will keep clutter at bay and ensure that every square inch of your home is cleaned during your cleaning session. Cabinets […]

What Does High Pressure Cleaning Cost?

WHAT DOES HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING COST? This guide will give you a rough idea of how much our pressure cleaning services will cost. All our pressure cleaning teams are well equipped with the latest pressure washing cleaning equipment. OUR PRICES Type of Property Price Hourly Rate $50-$70/hr Small to Medium Driveway $190-$350 Large Driveway $300-$700 […]

How to Clean Your Bathroom Like a Professional

How to Clean Your Bathroom Like a Professional When it comes to cleaning bathrooms, our professional cleaners have a few tricks up their sleeves to ensure your bathroom is clean while you’re at work or sleeping. The first step in how to clean a bathroom involves taking everything out, including the items that are tucked […]

What is Included in House Deep Cleaning?

What is Included in House Deep Cleaning A deep clean is the perfect way to create a healthy environment in your home by removing dust, grime, and bacteria. Spring is a popular time for our people to do deep cleaning and it’s especially recommended for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies. Deep Cleaning Checklist Table […]

How Much Does House Cleaning Cost?

What Does House Cleaning Cost? There are a number of elements that go into determining how much a cleaning service will charge you to clean your house. On average, you can expect to pay between from $37 to $55 per hour for house cleaning. The final price will largely depend on the following – Size […]

What is Included in House Cleaning

Cleaning lady with spray bottle

What is Included in Basic House Cleaning Simpo Cleaning are professionals when it comes to house cleaning. One thing that sets us apart is having a systematic and well-organized house cleaning checklist which can also be customised and tailored to the needs of our customers. House Cleaning Checklist   Kitchen Wiping Cabinets (external) Dust Window […]

How to Clean Tiles After Construction

How to Clean Tiles After Construction Nothing brings us more joy than building the home of our dreams. Tiled floors are a popular choice when it comes to modern homes but many home owners are disappointed to find that their floors still covered in dust and grout haze after the construction has finished. The process […]

What Is After Builders Cleaning?

What is a Builders Clean? A builders clean is a cleaning service that is done in the days following the completion of a home construction or renovation project. It’s different from a regular house clean since the professional who perform after builders cleaning also needs to have the expertise and equipment required to remove excessive […]

What Does Window Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost? You will get better results from a professional window cleaning than if you do it yourself.When you consider your valuable time plus the cost of going out and obtaining all of the gear needed to finish the work, it may even be cheaper to employ a professional. Window Cleaning […]