How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

You will get better results from a professional window cleaning than if you do it yourself.
When you consider your valuable time plus the cost of going out and obtaining all of the gear needed to finish the work, it may even be cheaper to employ a professional.

Window Cleaning Pricelist

Type of Property Price
Starting from $160*
Single Story House
Starting from $200*
Double Story House
Starting from $320*

*Prices shown in table are average prices only – please contact us for exact prices.

Window Cleaning Benefits

Getting your windows professionally cleaned provides a number of obvious benefits –

It Makes Your Home Look Better

Windows are the only thing which allows natural light into your home and is your view of the outside world when you are relaxing at home so it makes sense to keep them clean.

Dirty windows make your home look aged and this happens so gradually that most people don’t notice until after they get them cleaned. This is the reason real estate agents use our window cleaning services before a home is put on the market.

Save Time & Avoid Damage

Cleaning windows is time consuming and you risk damaging the glass by using the wrong cleaning method or technique. This is especially true for homes with tempered or low-e glass.

Spotting general problems

When you book one of our window cleaning technicians, they will also help you identify problems such ill-fitting window screens, window sill deterioration from mould or damaged or non-functional windows. Spotting problems early will save you money down the road and can even prevent an accident.

Extend the life of your windows

Aluminum screens gradually cause a layer of deposit on the glass similar to mineral deposits in the shower and damages the integrity of the glass making it more prone to cracking.

By cleaning your windows at least twice per year, you will be prolonging their lifespan saving you money over time.

How Often Should I Get My Windows Cleaned?

It’s good practice to have your windows cleaned at least once every six months. Houses located close to the beach should have their windows cleaned once every three months as salt deposits in the air can build up on the windows.

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