What is Included in House Deep Cleaning

A deep clean is the perfect way to create a healthy environment in your home by removing dust, grime, and bacteria. Spring is a popular time for our people to do deep cleaning and it’s especially recommended for anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

Table of Contents


  • Thoroughly clean all ceiling vents
  • Remove all traces of soap scum in bathtub and shower area
  • Remove mould from tiles and grout
  • Scrub grout with grout brush to remove stains
  • Clean shower glass and frames
  • Sanitize fixtures, light switches and other appliances
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Clean bathroom windows and frames
  • Sanitize toilets
  • Clean and sanitize wall tiles
  • Sanitize shower heads and tapware
  • Wipe down bathroom vanities
  • Scrub and mop floors


  • Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the oven.
  • De-grease and clean kitchen hood
  • Thoroughly clean microwave
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils to remove dust
  • Clean and wipe down all appliances
  • Sanitize and clean dishwasher
  • Sanitize rubbish bin and replace liner
  • Clean and sanitize stove tops
  • Wipe down and sanitize all kitchen cabinets
  • Clean all light fixtures
  • Sanitize door handles
  • Vacuum & mop floors

Dining Room

  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling
  • Remove any stains on walls
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Wipe down and sanitize table and chairs
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Vacuum and mop floors


  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Change bed sheets
  • Clean your mattress
  • Wipe down bedside and makeup table
  • Vacuum and mop floors

Lounge Room & Hallways

  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling
  • Dust all areas
  • Wipe & disinfect all electronic appliances
  • Wipe all window sills
  • Spot clean glass
  • Vacuum & mop floors
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