What is a Builders Clean?

A builders clean is a cleaning service that is done in the days following the completion of a home construction or renovation project. It’s different from a regular house clean since the professional who perform after builders cleaning also needs to have the expertise and equipment required to remove excessive dust and construction debris which is commonly found on a building site.

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Why You Need Builders Cleaning?

Building contractors create mess on the construction / renovation site, which can obstruct the building project. Debris from the job site, paint, gyprock dust, grouting, and other materials can all contribute to the untidiness of a construction site which can make it difficult for other trades to progress with their work. Additionally, dust and debris could make it hard to spot building defects which need to be rectified. By getting after builder cleaners to come in at different stages of the construction work, you will be ensuring a better result at the end of the building project.

Is the Builder Responsible for Cleaning Up?

This will depend on the contractual agreement with your builder. In most situations, the client will have a contract with a builder which states what is required from him in terms of cleaning up after the building work has finished.

If the contract states that a post build cleaning is included, then the builder will be the one who organises it.

Most of the time, the builder will do an initial clean and leave the responsibility of the final clean to the homeowner (more info below).

What is Involved in Builders Cleaning?

There are 2 types of builders cleaning which are performed at different stages of the construction project –

Initial Clean

The initial clean is normally performed in the middle of the construction project and involves remove all dirt, dust and rubbish from parts of the building site to allow for other trades to start their work. For example, dirt and debris must be cleared from the floors before new flooring can be laid.
It’s not uncommon for builders to get their labourers to perform this stage of the builders clean but in some situations, they will enlist the help of a post construction cleaning company. An initial clean also gives the builder an opportunity to find defects in the workmanship which can be rectified by the relevant tradesmen.

Final Clean

The final clean involves the complete cleaning of all surfaces of the building site prior to handing over to the client. Hence the reason it is sometimes referred to as a “handover clean”. The after builder cleaners who carry out final cleaning will have the skills and expertise to remove building defects such as removing paint splatter / concrete on window frames and leftover grout on tiles.

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Why is a Professional After Builders Cleaning Necessary?

It can be tempting for home owners and builders to try to tackle cleaning themselves but doing an after builders clean on a house, office or building is more work than most people realise.

Removing dust, debris, wood shavings and plaster-splatter left behind after renovating or building your home is not only time-consuming but also requires the right cleaning equipment and chemicals.

Effective cleaning results can only be achieved by combining expert knowledge with time, effort, and technology into the process. So the money you think you may be saving by doing it yourself could be neglible when you realise the amount of equipment and chemicals required to do the job properly. This is why it is advisable to hire professionals as their main purpose is to ensure that the client gets the perfect quality when it comes to cleaning services letting them continue with their daily routine and busy schedules with one less issue to worry about.

How Much Does Builders Cleaning Cost?

You can expect to pay between $45 to $55 per hour for after builders cleaning. It takes approximately 25 to 30hrs to do a builders clean for a single story home if you also need the external windows cleaned but may take longer depending on how clean your tradesman were. Click here to find out more about our builders cleaning service.

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