Builders Cleaning Checklist for New Homes

Building gets messy and while your tradies may try their best to clean up after themselves, you can pretty much guarantee there will still be building dust and debris when they leave. This is why you need to get a professional after builders clean before moving in.


  1. Clear the bathroom of all packing materials and other debris.
  2. Wash and disinfect all bathtubs/shower enclosures /wash basins
  3. Remove paint drywall filler, grout, mastic and other from walls and floors, before deep cleaning the toilet and wash basins.
  4. Clean off the countertops and vanity surfaces where the wash basins have been installed.
  5. Address the needs of the floors, make sure that all grout, paint, mastic and drywall filler have been removed and the floors have been cleaned.
  6. Wipe down the exterior of the toilet and toilet seat
  7. The toilet bowls must also be cleaned and the proper use of disinfectant solution applied on each toilet seat in all the flats being cleaned.
  8. Bath panels must also be cleaned and disinfected
  9. Vacuum the floor and make sure all dust and debris have been removed
  10. Mop the floors and let them dry thoroughly.
  11. Clean and wipe down the mixers/ switch plates/ walls/ and toilet roll holders.
  12. Wash and dry the chrome taps and mixers
  13. Clean out the inside of the vanity unit cupboards
  14. Clean and polish the taps, mirrors and all other units of the vanity area. Make sure there are no visible finger marks
  15. Clean and polish all chrome towel heaters

Kitchens, Reception Room, Dining Room, Living Areas, Playroom, Hallways and stairs.

  1. Remove all the packaging and debris from each kitchen unit and all surrounding areas.
  2. Clean the passageways and the entries to the kitchen. This includes what is on both sides of all hardware. Clean off protective labels, packaging, plastic wrap, mastic, drywall fillers and paint wherever they are found.
  3. Thoroughly clean all light fixtures.
  4. Clean the insides and outsides of the kitchen cabinets thoroughly as well as the top surfaces thoroughly.
  5. Clean the insides and outsides of all kitchen appliances, like the microwave oven, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher as well.
  6. Clean Glass splash areas and the stone workplaces from corner to corner.
  7. Thoroughly clean the plumbing fixtures and remove any paint, mastic, drywall filler and grout from them as well.
  8. Thoroughly clean the fireplace and surrounding area.
  9. Thoroughly clean the grilles and fan coil surrounds.
  10. Chrome’s mixers and taps are wiped down, disinfected and polished.
  11. Clean out the windows and thoroughly clean sills and window frames.
  12. Clean all the insides of the windows as well as frames and sills.
  13. Dust and clean all frames, dado rails and fibrous wall panels
  14. Clean all mirrors ensuring there are no streaks or fingerprints
  15. Dust down all visible surface
  16. Dust off and wipes down the joinery
  17. Sweep, or vacuum the spindles stairs and banister
  18. Polish stone floor and stairs
  19. Clean and dust all furniture
  20. Dust off the blinds
  21. Wipe off and dust the inside and outside of the door, including glass panels if applicable.


  1. Remove all debris and packaging and clear out individual wardrobes.
  2. Clean all passages and entry’s and clean off drywall filler, paint and mastic, etc.
  3. Thoroughly clean the windows and insides of all window frames and sills.
  4. Clean and dust all light fixtures
  5. Clean out the insides of wardrobe units.
  6. Clean all cabinets, shelves and joinery
  7. Wardrobe frames and doors should also be wiped out inside and out.
  8. Clean off fan coil and grille
  9. Vacuum all carpets
  10. Clean the switch plates, lights, smoke alarms and vents

External Areas, Windows, Doors

  1. Remove concrete / render from window frames
  2. Take out the bottom window tracks and keep the place thoroughly cleaned and replaced when needed
  3. Vacuum all window tracks, frames and interior clean glass
  4. Remove any paint or drywall filler that may have become stuck on the window and window frames
  5. Clean all windows thoroughly, including casings and window sills.
  6. Squeegee all glass windows (make sure to not use blades when cleaning Low E Glass)
  7. Remove any traces of grout from balcony tiles / floors
  8. High pressure clean pavers and concrete
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