5 Things in Your Office Making you Sick

Is Your Office Making You Sick? Dirty offices are a national problem costing Australian companies by millions of dollars every year. The costs are caused by employees having time off sick due to illnesses caught at work, and inefficiency caused by a dirty work environment. Even if your office is free of clutter, you can be guaranteed Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Cleaners For Your Office

Tips for Finding Cleaners to Maintain Your Office   Having your office maintained by a professional cleaning company helps keep your staff happy and productive and 7 out of 10 people surveyed have admitted judging the professionalism of a  company by the appearance of their office. Things that you should check before you employ an Continue reading

cluttered offoce

12 Ways to Streamline and Declutter your Office

Increase Your Office Productivity by Removing Clutter Clutter usually accumulates discreetly in an office so by the time you notice, it’s already too late and the job of tidying up becomes too overwhelming to handle on your own. A messy office full of clutter is a source of distraction which makes it difficult for your staff Continue reading