Tips for Finding Cleaners to Maintain Your Office

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Having your office maintained by a professional cleaning company helps keep your staff happy and productive and 7 out of 10 people surveyed have admitted judging the professionalism of a  company by the appearance of their office.

Things that you should check before you employ an office cleaning service include:

Insurance and workers compensation

Did you know that you could be held responsible if a cleaner hurts themselves while working in your office? The laws in NSW states that it is the employers  responsibility to ensure all contractors have adequate insurance and workers comp before commencing work on their premises.

You will need to ask them to provide certificates which could be easily obtained from their insurance company with just a phone call (unless they don’t have it of course which is extremely common).

Accidents can happen to the most careful individuals. Proper insurance cover will compensate for damage caused to any property and workers compensation will protect you if the cleaner hurts themselves while working on your premises.

The Size of Their Team & Operation

Traditionally, cleaning is an industry with an extremely high staff turnover and most of the common issues like missed cleans and reduction cleaning quality can usually be attributed to this.

It’s very hard for a cleaning company with only a few staff to manage this since it can take weeks to properly train a cleaner to manage a new facility even if he/she is already experienced.

Depending on how important reliability and consistency is for you, employing a company with multiple teams will mean they will have a backup ready for you if this issue ever comes up.

The Services Offered

The cleaning requirements for offices vary depending on the unique aspects of your business so a professional should be able provide a cleaning proposal with an effective cleaning schedule which can be modified depending on your budget, number of employees, office traffic and amenities.

Services often recommended include window cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, vacuuming and floor polishing among other things. Companies which can provide additional ancillary services will save you time and money by providing a complete cleaning solution.


Tools and supplies usedjanitorial equipment used by our cleaning company

Using the right tools and supplies ensure efficiency and effectiveness which will not only ensure a cleaner environment but will also help you reduce the cost of the utilities as well as take care of the environment. For example, old vacuuming equipment will consume more power and is also noisier and more disruptive to your staff and clients.

Are Staff Being Paid Proper Wages?

Fair Work Australia has been very proactive in recent years when it comes to investigating cleaning companies who underpay their staff. What is your companies reputation worth?

Additionally, it is paramount that the company doing the cleaning are trustworthy since you will be giving them access to your business after hours when no one else is around. Would you really put your trust in a company which takes advantage of their own staff?


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