Cleaning with baby

How Do I Keep The House Clean With a Baby?

Endless piles of clutter, bottles which need sterilizing, dirty dishes in the sink, laundry and ironing. It’s enough to drive you mad even without a newborn to look after.

Not to mention the sleep deprivation, post birth hormones and weight issues.

Having gone through this myself without losing my mind (though I was very close), I’m going to pass on a few tips I’ve learnt through the experience which will hopefully help others currently going through the same situation –

a schedule for house chores

Have a schedule

Don’t expect to have all your cleaning tasks done on a Sunday, it just ain’t gonna happen now that bubs is here.  For example, Monday’s for laundry, Tuesday for vacuuming, Wednesday for mopping etc.

woman telling man to do things

Delegate tasks

This is when hubby must step up to the plate. Give him a list of things to help you with from washing the dishes to picking up the groceries on his way home from work. Get your older children helping too if you have any.

woman asking for help with chores

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if things get overwhelming from friends or family, in-laws can really be great in times like these (I know, just bite the bullet and ask honey!).

cooked food in bulk for baby

Cook food in bulk

It’s unlikely you are going to have time to clean with a new baby if you are still cooking everyday. Find recipes which can be cooked in bulk and frozen for another day. Spaghetti bolognese is a good one.

baby storage containers full of baby clothes

Buy Storage Containers

Have storage containers for all of the baby accessories such as bottles, nappies, medicine etc. You’ll be able to eliminate a lot of the clutter if there is a rightful place for everything.

cute baby carried in a sling by mum

Use a baby sling or carrier

These accessories are a necessity for any new mum! My oldest daughter had colic and was attached to me 24/7. The only way I could get things done was to do it all while she was strapped to me via the carrier.

Happy mother cleaning with a baby in her hand

Clean as you go

Build a good habit to never leave a room empty handed. There will always be things lying around when you have a baby in the house whether it be an empty milk bottle or last nights dirty nappies which was left by the side of the bed. Guilty as charged!

mother baby playing

Pay for a Cleaner

There are times when it’s just better to hire some help. Being a parent to a newborn is hard work so you totally deserve it! Getting a cleaning company to come in for a few hours every week takes the stress away and allows you to spend more time interacting with bubs so the both of you will benefit from it.


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