What is included in End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is performed when a tenant moves out of a rental property at the end of the lease term. It involves performing a deep clean of the rented property when the tenant moves out and is a vital step in getting your security deposit back.

Table of Contents

Our End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

By following an industry approved checklist, we ensure we don’t miss anything which will put your bond at risk.  Our items include –


    • Wash & sanitize all sink, toilets & bathtubs
    • Remove insects and cobwebs
    • Clean all stainless steel taps, soap holders, towel hooks
    • Remove all mould from surfaces (excessive mould costs extra)
    • Wash and remove spot stains from all surfaces including ceiling and walls
    • Clean all cupboards, medicine cabinets (inside & Out)
    • All mirrors & shower screens
    • Mop Floors


    • Cupboard & cabinets (inside & out)
    • Dishwasher and any other supplied appliances (inside & out)
    • Wash bench tops and surface areas
    • Clean sinks, taps and tap handles
    • Wash range-hood, cook top and oven
    • Clean windows, frames, tracks and fly screens and tracks
    • Vacuum and mop floors


    • Dust and clean all surfaces
    • Clean windows, frames, sill and tracks
    • Wipe down mirrors
    • Dust and clean ceiling fans
    • Wipe down air conditioning units and clean the filters
    • Dust and clean wardrobes
    • Dust and clean skirting boards
    • Vacuum and mop floors
    • Blinds Dusted

Living Room & Hallway

    • Clean & Dust all surfaces
    • Dust and clean ceiling fans
    • Clean windows, frames, sill and tracks
    • Wipe down air conditioning units and clean the filters
    • Clean windows, frames, sill and tracks
    • Dust and clean skirting boards
    • Vacuum and mop floors


Outdoor areas (additional cost)

    • Remove insects & cobwebs
    • Mow lawn and trim edges
    • Sweep or use a blower to clean external area of debris
    • Remove stains from garage and driveway
    • External windows and glass cleaning

Do Tenants Have to Pay for Professional Cleaning?

According to NSW tenancy laws, it is the tenants responsibility to ensure the property is clean (to the same condition as what it was before the tenant moved in, as per the inspection report). It is not mandatory to hire a professional cleaner, although the landlord is within their rights to deduct money from the security deposit to pay for a cleaning company to rectify any areas which weren’t cleaned properly.

Is it Compulsory to Steam Clean Carpets at End of Lease?

When tenants move out of a rental property, they frequently think or are told by the real estate agent that they must steam clean the carpets.
However, it’s stated clearly in the NSW tenancy act that steam cleaning the carpets is not compulsory unless it was previously agreed to prior to moving in (usually as a condition to keep pets on the property)

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